Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, 8/7/07: Krazy Kristin and the Office Supplies

On Tuesday, when I took Marty to the Education Center and we met "the gang," we found the box with my regalia in it. It was supposed to go to Kristin and she had agreed to open it up and hang up the regalia for me. But instead, it sat in the mailroom for 6 weeks because someone else had carefully tucked it away to keep it safe. oh well. But inside, I had packed a goofy pink pen with a thank you note on it for Kristin. So I wanted to open the box now and give Kristin her goodie (plus hang up the regalia). I suddenly realized that I didn't have any scissors. Last semester, I had used Mike's scissors, but now he was moved out.

In May, Kristin asked me for a list of desk supplies that I would need. I emailed her a list (I don't have a copy anymore because I apparently sent it from my UNT email) that not only described what I wanted, but what I didn't want. For example, I know the description of the stapler said that it should take a full strip. I didn't want have all those small pieces of staple strips lying around that you get when your stapler doesn't use a full strip. I guess I carefully described the scissors and mentioned that I didn't want round points. And I vaguely remember that the scotch tape dispenser description included that I wanted it heavy enough to stay in one place while pulling the tape off. Kristin said that the list so cracked her up, that she had gathered all the supplies I wanted AND all the supplies I didn't want. She didn't get a chance to wrap them up, but she gave me the box. Below are the contents . . . both the wrong kind and the right kind.

After a good laugh, I used my new "right kind" of scissors to open the regalia box and hang it up. The pink pen had a tag on it that said, "Thank you, Kristin!" Even though it was intended to be a thank you for hanging up the regalia, it was now a thank you for having a great sense of humor and making UMF a fabulous and fun place to work.

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