Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friday, 8/10/07: Office Magic

I spent most of Friday afternoon getting my office in shape. I had packed everything up that was mine before I left so that when Mike came to move his stuff out, he wouldn't have to mess with move extra stuff. This is actually one of the best offices on the floor, and as one of the most senior faculty members, he got one of the first choices. I shared the cool office with him while he was on sabbatical, but now that he's on leave and I'm here for 3 years, I get my own office. He graciously offered to let me keep the better office since I was actually going to be using it for the next 3 years. Wow. What a great guy!

So when I came back, I had all of my stuff from last semester sitting on the floor in bags and then I added all the stuff I brought in my car. It was pretty messy. Here are two "before" photos:

Here's a "during" photo . . . I had already put back the stuff from the floor from last semester before I took this, but I hadn't unpacked yet.

And here's the payoff for a job well done. Everything's unpacked and put away. I don't have nearly as many books in my professional library as Mike had, but I at least have "stuff" on the shelves now. I still need to get the electronics sorted out, but UMF is ordering a new laptop for me and once that arrives, I'll be able to better set up my desk and computer peripherals. So I guess these aren't "after" photos as in the finished office, but just "after today's work" photos.

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