Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thursday, 8/9/07: French's Mountain

After MRM got home from work, she asked if I wanted to go on a hike. You bet! I actually had time to do something fun. During the spring semester, between it being my first semester and sunset being so early, I rarely did anything on weekday evenings but work. Whooop! Let's go hiking! Well, it's really walking in the woods . . . a tennis-shoe hike. I have to bring my hiking boots from Dallas for "real" hiking.

So we hopped in the car and took Benny and his new brother, Elfie, with us. We drove to the Belgrade Lakes area and took a 10 minute trail to this spectacular view:

The closer lake is Long Lake and the further lake is Great Lake. Supposedly, "On Golden Pond" took place on Great Lake. From someone else I heard that the opening scenes of the movie were from Great Lake, but the rest of the movie was filmed somewhere in New Hampshire.

Benny is a good role model for Elfie as to how to be a hiking dog. MRM still keeps Elfie (the little brown and white dog in these photos) on leash in the areas where a wandering dog could get into trouble, but Benny (the black dog in these photos . . . he's got enough Huskie in him to have one blue eye and one brown eye) knows how to stay on the trail.

Notice how big and smooth the rocks are. It looks like a paved path, but that's the natural rock. This sure ain't the Rocky Mountains!

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