Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunday, 8/12/07: Blueberry Picking

Sunday morning we went to church and guess who was there! Brian, mom, dad, and sister! What fun!

After church, we called and the blueberry fields were open! They were only open from 8 to noon, so we had to hurry. We made it! MRM taught me how to "roll" the berry off the vine. We each walked around and filled small bowls with blueberries, then dumped our bowl into a bigger one that we left on the ground. That way our bowls never got too heavy. We spent about 2 hours at it when we heard someone yell, "The blueberry fields are closed! Please leave the fields immediately and check out." So we did. Turns out, we were the last ones. The field owner was very nice checking us out and even posed for the photo. I mentioned that whoever made the announcement had a good teacher outdoor voice and he laughed. It was his daughter who made the announcement and she is a high school teacher.

Here's MRM demonstrating proper picking posture:

Here's ME! picking blueberries:

A close-up of the blueberries:

The friendly field owner weighing our blueberries:

The sign on the road announcing the location of the blueberry field. Note that it says they are closed . . . that's when we left.

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