Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, 8/7/07: Moose Watch

So we headed back through Rangeley and took a right on state highway 16. It's near sunset time, which should be a good time of day for spotting moose. It's a 2-lane road that winds a little bit. We see someone pulled over and we pull over, too. Marty said that in Yellowstone, you call that a moose jam. Everyone's pulled over looking at a moose and you pull over too and help add to the traffic jam.

The driver waves us on. We didn't see any moose, so we pulled on out and kept going. Not too far down the road we see three cars pulled over. Maybe this is a good sign. A couple with 2 children tell us that there had been two moose there earlier but that they had crossed the road and moved on. They then got in their car and left. We got in our car, but instead of leaving, Marty backs up to where two other cars are still parked. And there it is--a mother moose. There's just the one now (not two as earlier), but who cares? There's a moose!

We finally got our fill of moose. We had watched her drink from that marsh and eat out of the murky water and walk around. It was cool. We got back in the car and decided to keep heading away from Rangeley for more moose adventures. We drove for a while and didn't see any, then decided to head on back if we were going to get to the Homestead for dinner before they closed. After we turned around, a big moose jumped out into the road ahead of us. Marty did a good job of not hitting it and we watched it cross the road, then run parallel to the side of the road for just a little bit and then take a sharp right hand turn and disappear into the woods. I tried to take a picture, but it was faster than I was. This is all I captured with my camera:

Aaaah, another day perhaps. As the sun sank slowly in the west, we scurried back to town. As we were walking up to the door of The Homestead, a young man was moving the sign from "open" to "closed." We asked if he would let us in anyway and he peered out the window at the bank clock. It said 8:55 and they didn't close until 9:00, so he let us in. Yippeee!!! And oh, was dinner worth it. :-)

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