Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, 8/7/07: Small Falls

This place is everything MRM said it would be and more. From the parking lot, you can hear the falls. You walk maybe 20 feet down a path and stand on a bridge and you can see this:

For a lot of people, that would be plenty. But MRM had told us you could hike to the top and see another falls that isn't visible from the bridge. We figured if that family could make the climb in their swimsuits, it must not be too hard. So we went for it. It turns out we didn't pick the easiest path up, but it was the surest path. There's a chain link fence at the edge of the falls and we just used it as our guide to get us up. We also used it for leverage when needed. At the top, you do get to see another falls and it's great.

Then climb just a little bit more and you get to see the top falls.

Marty went ahead and climbed a little further. I stayed back to be photographer of the event. She made it to the top!

We found a longer but easier way down. (We watched some of the swimmers, in flip flops or barefeet, go down and tried to follow their trail.) Near the bottom, Marty started a conversation with a man on his way up and he gave her a location where he and his son had spotted many moose the day before. Did we have time? You bet! We stopped to use the latrines (yes, real hole-in-the-ground, no flushing required, latrines) and then got back on the road to find Moose.

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