Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thursday, 8/9/07: Belgrade Lakes

MRM asked if I was up for more hiking. You bet! This trail loops around, but if we were going to catch the sunset, we would skip the loop and go straight for the lookout that might include a sunset. We actually missed the sunset, but it was still a gorgeous view. We are now looking at Long Lake and on the land across from us is French's Mountain that we just came from. This trail is on that tiny strip of land that separates the two lakes.

Wow. We're in geology heaven. The next to the last photo shows a giant crevice. It's as if there were two rocks side by side but not touching. You can look down and see waaaaaaay down the mountain/hill. The last photo shows what looks like a brick wall or a stone fence embedded in the hillside but it's actually the natural rock formation.

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