Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, 8/7/07: Rangeley Maine

Tuesday morning, Marty and I slept in a little, then ate breakfast at The Homestead in Farmington. Yum. Marty's first question was, "Do they serve dinner, too?" Yes. Guess where we had dinner. ;-)

After breakfast, we toured Farmington, including a stop at Reny's--A Maine Adventure. We both bought fleece jackets on sale. We walked around downtown and toured the Farmington library. I would've taken her to the library even without MRM being the new director. MRM was home at lunch, so we didn't get the executive tour. Marty will have to come back. Then it was on to The Education Center where I showed her my office and introduced her to my buddies that were in the office that day. What a fun group! How cool to go from one great group of work friends at UNT to another great group at UMF. God is good.

After the Farmington tour, we headed up to Rangeley. It's only an hour away. It's a beautiful drive. Marty didn't have to downshift, but it was pretty windy and fairly steep, but much gentler than the Smokies. We saw this great Moose sign on the way. We actually saw several of them. I think pretty much the whole road to Rangeley must be a Moose Crossing, though we never saw any Moose on the road with all the Moose signs on it.

In the actual town of Rangeley, there's this fun street. There was also a Richardson Street. What are the odds? We ate some ice cream (Gifford's out of Farmington, but who cares . . . it was ice cream). I was going to get a lobster roll for lunch (Marty had stopped and picked up a Subway sandwich at a reasonable hour back in Farmington) but they were out. So ice cream alone would just have to do.

There were a lot of really fun shops that we enjoyed plundering in. We found fun souvenirs in a variety of shops. Then we headed back down the road to the State Park and Small Falls. MRM had told us about Small Falls. We saw a sign for the State Park but never saw an indication of where to turn. So we decided it wasn't meant to be and we headed on to Small Falls, which is clearly marked.

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