Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 Tourist Shop Next Door to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Through the fence at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, I spotted this very large lobster statue (along with a pirate, an Indian, and a few other tacky tourist statues). I knew I had to have my photo taken with it. Rodney took the photo for me and then we went inside.

Who knew what treasures we would find?! Does this scream tourist shop or what?? It was great! They actually had great stuff and a very quaint restaurant that looked out over the water. I bought some Christmas presents but I'm not telling what or for whom. I also picked up a cute napkin holder for the apartment in the shape of an Adirondack chair. But it's okay because I actually had "cocktail napkin holder" on my shopping list and have been looking for one for a few weeks now. I was thinking traditional basket, who knew exotic and hysterical Adirondack chair-shaped holder was a possibility?

Socks. Who knew Maine could have so may socks for tourists?

AMEN!! If this wasn't $14.95, I might have bought it. It even has blueberries on it. I've been going with a blueberry theme in my kitchen/dining area of the new apartment. Don't tell anyone, I don't want a bunch of blueberry stuff all over the house like I had pandas in the last house. I picked out a few blueberry things to start off the theme and then all new stuff I buy is in some shade of blue. It's more subtle that way.

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