Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 Red's Lobster Roll

Aaaaah. It was worth waiting for. Here's the lobster roll from Red's in Wiscasset. We had a late afternoon snack in the car after going through the tourist shop. We were going to sit at one of their picnic tables next to the big lobster but it started to drizzle hard enough to get wet, so we ate in the car. Rodney was going to get some ice cream (Gifford's of course) at the tourist place, but they were out of Grape Nuts (yes, they make Grape Nuts ice cream in Maine and it is very popular here . . . sort of like lime jello in Utah, I guess) and he had his heart set on Grape Nuts, so I ate lobster roll and he took pictures.

Yummmmmm. There's a reason this thing is rated #1 in Maine (and therefore the USA 'cuz who else has lobster rolls??).

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