Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Where to after Wiscasset? Pemaquid! Or Pemaquid Point Lighthouse to be more exact. How did we decide? Rodney had my Gazeteer and just looked at what was nearby. This was a place he had been to in high school and it's a classic Maine landmark. It's even on the cover of one of Charles Kuralt's book about traveling America. And it turns out, it is THE lighthouse that is on the Maine state quarter. I actually blogged about it a year ago and mentioned that it was a place I should be sure to go to. I had forgotten that it was only just restored a year ago. If we had come last July it would've been surrounded by scaffolding and not nearly as gorgeous to look at. Sure it was rainy/drizzly, but we were so nearby and sometimes photos turn out great on days without direct sunshine and so we weren't going to let the rain dampen our spirits. We drove east out of Wiscasset to Newcastle and Damariscotta and then went south to Pemaquid.

When we arrived, the gates were open but the gatehouse where you pay to enter was closed and so was the little museum. We didn't even have to pay to enter. Oh the double advantages of a rainy day. It turned out the Pemaquid even on a drizzly day is so gorgeous and fascinating that we ended up staying over an hour. We climbed all over the rocks that surround it (it was low tide) and took photos like crazy.

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