Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 Outside Waldoboro Maine . . . The Icing (Ice Cream) on the Cake

Whether you call it dusk or sunset, by now, it's dark. We leave Recycle Art/Blueberries and continue north on 32 to Waldoboro. It really shouldn't take this long to get from Pemaquid to Waldoboro unless you're really celebrating Maine, life, and life in Maine like we are. We finally get to an intersection with a sign that says Waldoboro is to the right. And that road is closed! Oh well, it was too dark to see Waldoboro anyway. As we continue north (and a little east), we see a small building aglow with icicle lights. It's an ice cream stand that features Giffords ice cream. Should we see if they have Grape Nuts? I think so! And we add yet another U-turn to our trip and meet a delightful couple who runs "Jefferson Scoop". Turns out we are in the community of Jefferson. Rodney not only got his Grape Nuts, he got a hot fudge sundae with Grape Nuts ice cream. I got a "blue on blue" sundae: blueberry ice cream with blueberry sauce. We both got the whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. I, however, got walnuts instead of peanuts at the recommendation of our delightful hostess. I didn't know I had the option, but once she recommended it, I said, "Yes!"

Dr. Mari, did you notice the cow-patterned contact paper on the counter in the back?

I know I said it's dark and this photo doesn't look like it. The iPhone has this amazing capability to take pictures in the dark. There's no flash on it, but somehow if you can see it with the human eye, the iPhone camera can capture it.

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