Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 Photographer at Work in Wiscasset

I love traveling with a photographer. I learned to appreciate the art form traveling with my sister. (She used to be a photography enthusiast, then she became an amateur photographer and now she's really good and may even make a go of the professional side as a hobby/career.) It's fun to watch them at work and it's fun to learn from them as well. What's been a blast for me traveling with Rodney is that he has an iPhone camera, too.

[For me, the iPhone is my only camera now. I lost my great digital camera that my family gave me for Christmas 2005. I was hiking in autumn 2007 and it fell out of my pocket. I bought a cheap replacement but didn't like it (I've since passed that camera on to my dad). I found myself using the iPhone camera more and more, part out of desperation 'cuz I had nothing else and part out of frustration when the batteries on the other one were dead or I didn't have it with me and part out of convenience 'cuz I always had my iPhone with me. I really grew fond of the little camera inside my iPhone. It has manual zoom and no flash but it's very portable and takes great advantage of ambient light. If you can see it with your eyes, it will show up in the photo.]

Here he is taking pictures of a display next to Red's Eats.

Here's my photo of the same stuff:

He showed me his cool photo that he created and then let me stand in the exact same place and showed me how to tilt my camera the same way and since we had matching cameras, when I pressed the button, I had a photo very similar to his artwork. It's better than paint by numbers! Here's the photo-a-la-Rodney (I now have it set as the wallpaper on my iPhone.)

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