Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 More Recycle Art

I guess that's an equine of some kind. What's that in its paw/hand/hoof?

Why I do believe that it's a Whoopie Pie!! I have really grown to love Whoopie Pies (and I've probably grown from eating Whoopie Pies, too). They're such a Maine classic!

Another really big lobster!

These frogs in a band remind me of the giant frog statues designed by Bob "Daddy O" Wade that once adorned the roof of a nightclub in Dallas called Tango. The neighbors didn't like those statues or a building ordinance ruled them out or something and they had to come down. A wild and crazy entrepreneur who had a truck stop south of Dallas that he had essentially turned into its own town called Carl's Corner, got the frogs and displayed them on the roof of his truck stop for many years. I understand now that Willie Nelson is taking over Carl's Corner and I don't know what will happen to those frogs, but these little guys reminded me of those big guys back in Texas.

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