Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20/08 The Scenic Route Home . . . Bremen Union Church

I should've taken a photo of the cars on the westbound bridge into Wiscasset when we were heading east on the bridge out of Wiscasset. You can't believe the traffic. And this was a rainy, drizzly, few-to-little-tourists-were-out kind of a day. I've read that it can really be bad on that bridge. Even if this was light traffic, we knew we didn't want to come back through Wiscasset after our journey to Pemaquid. So looking at the Gazeteer, we decided to forge north on ME 32 to Waldoboro and see what interesting things we might find there.

We drove through Chamberlain, a quaint oceanside village (are they all quaint?). Only after we were almost through it did Rodney mention that scenes from the movie Message in a Bottle were filmed there. Wait! I love that movie! Kevin Costner was sooo Kevin Costner in that movie. And didn't it take place in North Carolina? Yes, it did, but things fell through in the production at the last minute and they moved it to Maine.

And north on 32 we continued to drive. It was hard to tell if you were in a town or not. Does two houses constitute a town? Sometimes it did and there was a sign designating it as so. Most of the time it was too hard to tell and didn't really matter. It was just beautiful scenery at dusk and we kept driving. At one point we both looked at each other and said pretty simultaneously something like "That church was so beautiful. It would make a great picture." One quick U-turn later (Lindsay) and we were at Bremen Union Church taking photos.

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