Thursday, September 13, 2007

decorating office walls

So here's the famous diploma in its awesome frame. (Click here to read the posting about this.) I took 2 photos, one with flash and one without. In the one with flash, you can see the rich colors and that the gold is really shiny. In the other, you can see it without glare but also without good color. Maybe I'll be a better photographer in my next lifetime. Better yet, just come visit me in Maine and you can see it in person.

And now, here's the context in which the diploma hangs. This is the wall on the south side of my office. It has room for a little more expansion, but I'm waiting to see what's appropriate and what new stuff might come along. I'll probably take the tam (the blue velvet, 6-sided hat with tassel) down so I don't stretch it out and it doesn't get too dusty or get faded (the west sun shines in my office and has already faded some stuff after only 9 months).

And here's the west wall. The window is to the right. The north wall is the bookcase that was in the "before and after" photos. (Click here to see the blog entry about "before and after".)

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