Thursday, September 13, 2007

9/4/2007 new student orientation

On the same day as convocation, we have our official new student orientation. They've actually been here for 4 days of orientation already, but today is the department and advisor meetings. Everyone declares a major as freshmen or you can pick "Liberal Arts Undeclared." You can always change it, but they like to get you into a network and get you started on a track to help you get out in 4 years with a degree.

Here are orientation staff members helping new students find the right building to go to for their major:

The Secondary/Middle Education Department had their meeting in Lincoln Hall which is in Roberts Learning Center. Here are all the new students:

And here are the peer advisors. For each concentration (science, math, English, social studies), there is current student who is an upperclassman who works with new students to answer questions, help plan the 4 year schedule, etc.

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