Thursday, September 13, 2007

9/8/2007 Recycling Day!

It's Saturday morning and it's time to take our recycling to the dump. Err, I mean the recycling center. Ooops, no, it's "The Transfer Station." Semantics.

So all the stuff is loaded in the car.

It's actually not very far. First thing....we run into someone we know: the president of UMF! Yep, everybody recycles in this town (or at least they should). Gotta admit, I miss the days in Richardson where you put everything (yes, you can mix plastic, glass, tin, colored and clear, etc.) in a blue plastic bag and put it out in the alley on Tuesday mornings for the garbage men to pick up. But it reminds me of the old days before blue bags in Richardson when I used to take my stuff down to R.E.A.L.--the Richardson Environmental Action League. It was a non-profit group that started recycling LONG before it was popular or trendy. When I loaded it up in my car to take it down there, I had to sort glass by colors and separate out everything like here.

I'm not sure what the difference is between "high grade" paper and mixed paper. Well, I actually guessed that mixed was everything that wasn't high grade. I asked a fellow recycler and he said he thought that high grade was anything not glossy. Sounds good. Also sounds safe to just put everything in mixed. Maybe someone next time will know.

Hmmmm. #2 clear and #2 colored. I never had to sort the plastics like that before. But I can handle it. Too bad, though, that #2 is the only plastic they take. We have a lot of other plastics that aren't #2. Should I save them up and take them back to Texas with me in December? ;-)

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