Thursday, September 13, 2007

metal roof

MRM's house needed a new roof but instead of getting a replacement shingle roof, she's getting a metal roof. It fits the period of the house and should last a lot longer than shingles. Apparently, north of here, everyone has a metal roof, and south of here, shingled roofs rule. But here, it's a mix. She's going with a certain grade and a certain shade of green that are eligible for some kind of tax reduction because of energy saving incentives. How handy that the shade of green matches her trim almost exactly. It's going to look great. Now we just have to wait for the first rain storm to see how it sounds inside the house and then the first snow. Snow will slide right off the metal roof after certain amounts of accumulation and certain temperatures (one of the walking out of your windows to shovel your roof). Of course, there's great danger in that as don't want to be under the eaves when that big pile of snow avalanches down.


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