Sunday, August 3, 2008

8/3/08 Bogs

Fortunately, Rodney anticipated that the course might be a little wet and encouraged me to go home and get different shoes than my favorite tennis shoes. At first I was thinking of my water shoes that I wear for boating or poolside at public pools. Rodney gave me that look that said, "I don't think that's what you want to wear." He even asked what size shoe I wear because he was going to see if he or one of his brothers might have something I could borrow. But then I remembered my Wellingtons. That, he assured me, would be by far the better shoe for me to wear. Little did I know how right he would be.

The course is already in a bog, so wooden planks to get across wet spots were not unusual any time of year:

But this summer, was even wetter than usual. Here you can see my Wellingtons in action as I retrieve my disc from a water hazard. Fortunately, discs are water proof, and though playing with a wet disc threw off some people's game, my game knew no nuances.

The last time you saw these Wellingtons in my blog, they were brand new on March 9, 2008:

Who knew that one pair of boots could serve two seasons?

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