Sunday, March 9, 2008

3/9/08 When it rains . . .

. . . it makes a big mess. With all this snow and the hard frozen ground, the rain water has no where to go, so it just sits there. This is the walk from the driveway to the side porch (the entrance we use all the time). That's snow piled high on either side and river inbetween the banks. The sidewalk is made of asphalt like the driveway--that's the gray color you see. But on top of that is a giant river of water. It went below freezing last night, so that's a thick layer of ice on top.

Here I am standing in the semi-frozen river.

BTW, do you like my new rainboots? Up here they call them Wellingtons or "Wellies". (The really old name is "rubber boots".) And they come in a variety of colors and prints as well as a variety of prices. L.L. Bean has some fancy designer ones for $49.99. I got mine at Reny's on the March Madness sale. Solids were $19.99 (regularly $22.99) and fancy ones were $24.99 (regularly $26.99). I wanted the lime green solids but this was the only color in my size so I paid extra money to get a print because obviously, I really need them . . . NOW. Remember, this is not just water I'm standing in, this is ice water!

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