Sunday, August 3, 2008

8/3/08 the last of the sorting and packing

For five or six weeks now, Rodney's been gathering and sorting through his earthly belongings in preparation for the big move to Oregon. It's been as much therapeutic preparation as it has been physical preparation. It's been pretty therapeutic for me as well since I just went through this less than a year ago. It's been nice to be able to "pay forward" all the amazing help I got from friends in Dallas when I was going through this. Though our stories are different of how and where we acquired so much stuff and the stories have very different plots as to where we went and why, there are many many parts of the stories that are similar. And so off and on, inbetween Celebration Tours and obligations that we both already had on our calendar, I've been trying to help wherever I could as Rodney packed up his life in Maine to start his new chapter in Oregon.

Today was the pen-ultimate chapter of the packing story! He actually finished packing everything into a box that is going into storage here in Maine, got everything given away or thrown away that he doesn't need to keep or take, and got everything organized that is going with him. Give him about two hours to do the final packing and fitting everything into his car and he could leave on a moment's notice. Wow!

You can't tell from these photos, but this is at a stage very close to the end. Rodney's brother and future sister-in-law are moving into the family homestead and farm where Rodney's been living. One of the things they wanted to do before their wedding next Saturday (which will be at the farm) was tear out all the old carpets and take them to the dump before they started cleaning up the rest of the house. Rodney was working on rolling up the red and green plaid carpet in his room when he crawled under the bed to get the last corner of the carpet out. At first I was helping to lift the bed while he pulled the carpet out and didn't really see him go underneath. When I came around the corner and saw this, I knew I had to take pictures!

When we took a break for lunch, we stopped at Hannaford's to dump the change out of the big change cup into the machine that counts and sorts coins. We both made guesses before we went in as to what the value of the change would be. We were both off by sooooo much! Just trust me that those commercials about emptying the change out of your pockets at the end of each day really know what they're talking about.

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