Sunday, August 3, 2008

8/3/08 Dessert and Dinner with Randy and Jennifer

Before we played disc golf, we actually met Randy and Jenn at their favorite ice cream place in Turner. Yummy ice cream at a reasonable price. What fun! After disc golf we went to their home in Buckfield for a lovely dinner. We had barbecue chicken and a C family favorite: cabbage salad with baked beans. Now before you turn up your nose at this, all I can say is: you HAVE to try it. It was so good! The subtle differences between cabbage salad and cole slaw: the way you cut the cabbage is important and then you only add mayonnaise, white vinegar, and salt and pepper. No carrots, no spices. I was also informed that whereas you can keep cole slaw to eat another day, cabbage salad must be eaten fresh and there's no point in keeping any leftovers because they won't be any good the next day. The beans were simply Bush's baked beans out of the can. If there was any doctoring going on, I did not see it or hear about it. Then at the table, you put cabbage salad on your plate and then put beans on top and enjoy. And enjoy I did! Until Randy pointed out that Rodney had instructed me incorrectly and that it really should be beans first and cabbage on top. Twist my arm, I had to try another helping and there was a subtle difference, but I like it best the way I had it first.

That beautiful bowl is Jenn's Polish pottery. The plates and other dinnerware were of the same pattern. It's beautiful! And what a great way to end the biggest celebration of them all, by sharing it with family and friends--family for Rodney, new friends for me.

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