Friday, July 25, 2008

7/25/08 Strawberry Festival "Arts in the Park"

Today I drove through town and drove by a lot of activity in the park. Then I remembered that it was Strawberry Festival time. Now when you say "Strawberry Festival" in this town, the most common reply is, "That used to be called Moonlight Madness but they changed it up because they wanted to be more artsy and because there were so many hoodlums ruining the night time events." I think next year's posters should just go ahead and proclaim, "Formerly Known As Moonlight Madness."

I never did see any strawberries, but I also didn't stay too long. I was on my way out of town but took the time to stop at the "Arts in the Park" exhibits and eat a lobster roll lunch.

St. Luke's Episcopal knows how to work these events. They offered a $9.95 Lobster Roll Sack Lunch. It included a lobster roll, chips, drink, and cookie. In my case, they had one bottle of water left, so I lucked out on that. And my cookie was really a brownie which was okay by me because there are a lot of cookies that I don't care that much about but a brownie, anyway you make it, is always delicious. Their lobster roll had a lobster salad in it that was quite delicous. They had the tiniest bit of mayonnaise and a touch of celery in it, but the lobster meat was sweet and tender and obviously very fresh. YUM!!

As I walked up to the St. Luke's sign to figure out how to frame my photograph, I hear someone say, "Theresa?" I looked up and there's Amity, one of my graduate students from last spring! (That's her in the photo.) While I was paying for my lunch, Erin--another graduate student--walked up to Amity and then spotted me and we said hello. As we were talking, Andrea from church came down the sidewalk towards us so we, too, said hello. I didn't see the sheriff yet, but I expect him any minute.

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