Friday, July 25, 2008

7/25/08 Celebration Tour #4

We're off! It's time for Celebration Tour #4! We headed north this time instead of the coast. We had an added bonus of an extra passenger, Rodney's niece, whom we'll just call "Little H". She was such a great traveler. :-) She'd been visiting Grandma and Grandpa for a week and they were planning to take her home that day, so we saved them a trip since we were on our way to visit mom and dad at the camp outside of Jackman.

Here's "The Forks" section of the Kennebec River where it meets up with the Dead River. A lot of white water rafters go through here. We saw a lot of gorgeous scenery on the way, but this was our first stop. My favorite sign before we got here was the green mileage sign that said, "Canadian Border 65 miles."

This is the rest stop at The Forks. See the buses in the background? Those are used for carrying white water rafters. Those are empty but in our 5 minutes at this stop, we saw at least 3 full buses go by.

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