Friday, July 25, 2008

7/25/08 Moose River Outpost

Marcus is Rodney's nephew that runs this camp called Moose River Outpost. He gave us a tour (in that little Renegade Jeep) of the camp, but not of all 7,000 acres. Here's Marcus, Jenn's mom (Jenn is Rodney's sister-in-law), and Rodney. Jenn and her mom had been in Quebec and stopped at camp on their way DOWN from Canada. [Notice that in this sentence, the word "camp" is used to describe an organized facility for camping and not the traditional Maine "camp."]

Here is one of the camping areas at the camp. There are 25 wooden platforms with tents on them and some nice amenities.

This lake is only 186 of their 7,000 acres but it's all theirs.

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