Saturday, November 22, 2008

11/22/08 Wintery Weather

It's definitely winter here. On the 18th of November, the high temperature was 35. It hasn't been above freezing since. It's not predicted to go above freezing until Monday, the 24th, when the high is predicted to be 36; but they're predicting enough snow to have a real accumulation on Monday, too. (They're predicting snow for today, but I think it's just more flurries.) So let's recap*:

Tuesday 11/18 high 35, low 21
Wednesday 11/19 high 28, low 14
Thursday 11/20: high 28, low 14
Friday 11/21: high 29, low 17
Saturday 11/22 (prediction): high 27, low 13
Sunday 11/23 (prediction): high 29, low 18
Monday 11/24 (prediction): high 36, low 27

A full week of temperatures below freezing and we haven't had Thanksgiving yet. The official start of Winter isn't until the winter solstice at 12:04pm on December 21st, this year. I think it missed the mark this year by more than a full month.

*The predition info is from for West Farmington which is technically in Farmington. The historical numbers are from for Wilton which is the bordering town to our west. Wunderground doesn't have data for Farmington per se. If you type in Farmington, they give you information from Waterville which is 30 miles east of Farmington. West Farmington and Wilton are obviously MUCH closer and more indicative of true Farmington weather.

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Lindsay said...

You'd be surprised how cold it is (relatively) here! It's been hitting below 32 every night, and that rarely happens this early into the season! If I forget, Happy Thanksgiving! =)