Thursday, November 20, 2008

11/20/08 mystery root vegetable

What is this? I've never seen these objects in a grocery store before. Maybe they were in the specialty or gourmet section of a produce department but up here, they must be pretty popular to be in a bin this big at WalMart. Upon close inspection, the sticker on each one says that this is a rutabaga, which is "a hybrid root vegetable of a cabbage and white turnip; usually prepared in casseroles, stew or mashed up with other vegetables" according to says it is a member of the cabbage family but says it's a member of the mustard family. Either way, I think it's a funky root vegetable. I did not buy one. I'm hoping that I can find someone who cooks them frequently who will let me taste it when they prepare it. I wouldn't know what to do with it.


Anonymous said...

You gave me a nice chuckle! :) Although, you hadn't meant too! You see, your mystery root vegetable is actually a quirky little thing, as its meant to be the 'alternative' to french fries, for those trying to eat healthier - bypass that option, its not worth it! :) Trust me! However, the reason for the chuckle, is because its usually found in health food stores! :) Its appeal is a found taste! If you find someone who cooks with it, and knows how to make it *taste* scrumptous, please be sure to share the ingredients! I'd be interested! :)

Andrea said...

Those are what my family calls turnips; I just found out they were rutabagas a couple of years ago, about the time I saw my first real turnips. We always have them mashed at Thanksgiving.