Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/9/08 Autumn Album Entry 2

Well, this brilliant plan of documenting Autumn every week from the same place is out the window. We had our initial meeting back in September, but the group decided to skip two weeks before we started, so that killed my kickoff. The first class ended at 5:45 (early) but I stayed for the ribbon cutting ceremony and it was dark when I got out. I was able to get this photo today after class but it's getting dark pretty quickly now. By next week when I get out of class at 6:15 (the usual ending time, we just got out early last week due to the ribbon cutting ceremony), it'll be too dark to take this photo.

Oh well! Hope you enjoyed this album of two pages. ;-) If you can't tell from the photo, autumn is gorgeous in Maine this fall!

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