Monday, October 6, 2008

10/6/08 Autumn at sunrise

Well, it wasn't quite sunrise, but it was before 7:30am and it was beautiful. There are two banks on Main Street that each have a time and temperature sign. When I walked by (about 3 minutes before I took these photos), the one to the north said it was 30 degrees and the one to the south said it was 31 degrees. I guess it could be that the one further south was a little warmer. Frankly, all I know for sure, is that it was C O L D for October 6. But it was a great brisk walk on a crisp autumn day that was beautiful.


Doug said...

VerY interesting site. I'll feature you in my blog.


TexasTheresa said...

Harold and Doug,
It would be an honor! I love your blog!