Thursday, September 11, 2008

Maine's Fall Foliage Show Expected to be "Magnificent"

Whooop! that's the report from "Maine's Official Fall Foliage
Website". Of course, it's their job to say come see our fall leaves
'cuz we need your tourist dollars, but officials at the state
Department of Conservation "are forecasting a colorful season based
on the current health of Maine's forest. With a few localized
exceptions, the forest statewide is in good health, thanks to the
abundant and relatively well-distributed rain we've had since spring,"

No duh! "well-distributed rain since spring" is their PC way of
saying, "It rained all summer long!"

But that's okay. This is our payoff. It's gonna be a gorgeous fall.

I've already signed up to get a weekly email with the latest foliage

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