Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11/08 Autumn Scrapbook Page 1

I'm going to teach a graduate course in Dixfield again this semester. Most of the same people that took the last one plus some new folks who heard how much fun we had are going to take it. It'll be a blast, even though I'm a little nervous to create a class totally from scratch all by myself. (I've always started with someone else's syllabus and then made it my own.) This semester we're going to meet in the brand new elementary school instead of the high school. We held our organizational meeting today in the high school library instead of the elementary school, so after the meeting I drove over to the elementary school. Wow. What an amazing facility. And that's just the outside. They're up on a hill with a gorgeous view. I took these 3 photos today and hope I can remember where I took them so that each week when I go to Dixfield, I can park in the same 3 spots and take photos and create a scrapbook of the area over time. The class won't start until october 2, so we'll miss 2 weeks worth of season change, but I still think it will be a cool photo series.

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