Friday, August 22, 2008

8/17/08 Voter Hill

I went to a whole new area today. I was mentioning to friends that I had missed the Perseid meteor shower because of so much cloud cover but had really enjoyed the full moon on the night that we didn't have cloud cover. They asked if I had gone to Voter Hill to look at the full moon. And what is Voter Hill? It's a "hill" (steep and big) south and west of town. Go towards Titcomb Mountain (which is shorter than Voter Hill) but take a right instead of a left. It's great for stargazing and for a nice overlook of Farmington.

So I headed to Voter Hill today. The directions were pretty good. I only had to make one U-turn (Lindsay). There are actually two left-hand turns to get to Titcomb Mountain, so I went to the right at the first turn and realized I was going to Temple. I knew there was nothing like they had described on that road. So I went back and took the first turn to Titcomb Mountain and then saw a road to the left called "Voter Hill". It was very near the second turn-off to Titcomb Mountain, so I felt pretty certain I was headed in the right direction. Sure enough, I had to shift into low gear (I NEVER shift into lower gear on my automatic care. I long for my stickshift car when I had control over these things.) I headed up what must've been the part that one friend described as "the winter reason for why she would never live on Voter Hill."

There was no official scenic overlook or any designated places to park for either looking at Farmington or doing stargazing, but if I knew anyone who lived there, I would certainly love to sit in their driveway. Meanwhile, here's the view:

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