Saturday, August 16, 2008

8/15/08 a close encounter

Note to my mom: this is not a personal close encounter . . . I'm just reporting on someone else's close encounter.

See this picture of a moose? Rodney just took this and posted it on Facebook. He was at Moose River Outpost, a camp near the Canadian border that his nephew directs. Knowing that Rodney's a photographer, I figured he had his zoom lens on and took the photo from afar.

But I was wrong. Check out Rodney's description of what happened.

"A more than curious moose made its way across the lawn today at Moose River Outpost. I was about 5 feet from the nose of this moose. It kept following me. I was getting a bit uncomfortable but in the mean time getting some sick photos of it."

Below is a photo that someone else took of Rodney while he was photographing the moose.

Now THAT is a close encounter!

Photo of moose by Rodney Corey; used with permission.
Photo of Rodney and moose by Oscar Bodell; used with permission.

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Marie Rose said...

That rock isn't big enough!!! Moose can be pretty agressive!