Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8/13/08 The Dairy Corner

After dinner on the beach, we went on some backroads and came out at the intersection of Route 1 with Route 9 and came to The Dairy Corner. I am getting a headstart on that ice cream quest for next summer. ;-) Grace had black raspberry ice cream. It was a hard-serve ice cream and not a soft-serve ice cream like at Dutch Treat.

But I got a Nor'Easter . . . the Cyclone / Blizzard equivalent.

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Marie Rose said...

Hi again, I see all your Dairy Treat stops and want to recomend "The Cone Head" (if it's still open...) it's on Rt 26 in Oxford. Rt 26 is known as one of the scenic routes in western Maine and is beautiful. If you do go down that way stop at Parham's of West Paris. Excuisit jewelry and part museum of local quaries and gems... check out their web site but it doesn't do the store justice.

PS see you soon!