Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7/22/08 Picnic Dinner and Dutch Treat

Tonight Rodney and I had a mini-celebration tour. We met at Hannaford's, made ourselves a salad at the salad bar, drove to the gazebo by Wilson Lake in Wilton, and picnicked on our salads. Not too far into the meal, he said, "My cousins, live near here and I want you to meet them 'cuz they work at UMF." He called them and Terry said she would meet us at Dutch Treat for dessert. We went and I met her and we had a blast. I loved hearing all the family stories and getting the dirt that Rodney won't tell on himself. ;-)

I had the black raspberry soft serve ice cream mostly because I loved the story that went with it. Apparently, they don't always have the black raspberry soft serve ice cream, but you can get on the list of folks who want to be notified and when they make it, the folks at Dutch Treat will personally call you to tell you that they have it.

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