Wednesday, July 23, 2008

7/23/08 Internet on the verandah

I did it. I broke down and got Internet access at the house. It's very expensive compared to Dallas and wasn't sure I could justify it, but I was going crazy without it. I figure since I don't have a TV here and am not spending money or wasting time on that, then I can justify getting Internet. The cheapest provider right now is Beeline Cable. I'm paying extra because I don't subscribe to their cable television. But at least they'll still provide the service to me! I bought the wireless router and was ready when the installer came "between 8am and noon" today (it was actually close to 9:30). He only installs the cable and the cable modem . . . the wireless is up to me, though he did give me a telephone number for support. But I didn't need any support and got it hooked up on the second try.

One nice thing about Beeline is that I don't have to sign a contract, so in two months, I can choose to not have their Internet service anymore and there's no penalties. Since I don't have a landline telephone, DSL is not an option for me (though the pricing on that seems pretty comparable to the cable prices). There is a startup satellite company and if the rumor is true that the man down the road from me is in on that, I will at least pursue learning more about it. Until then, this will have to do. So far so good!!

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