Saturday, July 19, 2008

7/19/08 I think I'm officially a local!

Today as I walked through downtown Farmington, a van with Massachusetts license plate pulled over next to the sidewalk where I was walking and the woman in the passenger's seat asked me if I knew where the Farmington Conference Center was located. I looked enough like a local that she asked me for directions!! Even better than that, I said, "Conference Center? Do you mean Community Center?" To which she replied, "Yes, that's it." And I knew where it was and told her how to get there!! Whoop!* I'm a local now!!

*Whoop is a Texas term as I know it. It's not dissimilar from the 2007 Word of the Year: w00t (note that those are zeros in that word and not the letter "O"). Whoop may be a regional term but it's definitely older than w00t.

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