Saturday, July 19, 2008

7/19/08 First Harvest . . . and Margaritas

Oh, you're going to be so jealous of the amazing and wonderful landlords that I have! I hate to call them "landlord" and "landlady"--they're really great friends, Darlene and John, who happen to live upstairs. But technically, they're also my landlords. Here's a great story about them and about how lucky I am to be their tenant.

So I'm sitting outside on the verandah, reading a mindless book (what better way to pass the time of a guilt-free summer, eh?) with the radio on in the background, waiting for the Red Sox game to come on. I hear "knock knock." Not the sound of someone knocking, but the actual words, "knock knock." I look up and Darlene and John are standing on the grass a few feet from the edge of the verandah. "Come in!" I reply laughingly. John needs to paint a few spots on their sundeck (my verandah ceiling) that Darlene was not able to get to last week when she painted while he was out of town. She points and describes the places, then he gets the ladder and drop cloths and sets out to painting those spots. He and I start chatting about the ball game while he's painting, then we talk about his time in Dallas doing his pilot training, and then we talk about Abuelo's restaurant. During the time he was down there, Darlene flew down for one of his 48 hour breaks to celebrate their anniversary and they went to Abuelo's. MMMMMmmmm yum. Good Mexican food! He then mentions how much Darlene enjoyed the mango margaritas. Mango margaritas? I love a great margarita but had never had a mango one! Then the game comes on, we listen to the game for a while, he finishes painting and leaves and I stay on the verandah reading and listening to the game.

Soon Darlene comes through with her bucket and gardening tools and she's on her way down to the garden. Next thing I know she's back on the verandah with handful of green beans. "Do you like green beans?" she asks. As I'm nodding yes, she's putting a handful in my hands. "There's not enough there for the two of us, but we'll have plenty in another day or two." Oh, were they yummy. I ate a bunch of them raw and then saved the rest to cook for dinner.

Later I finish the book and go inside. Next I hear the rattling sound that means someone is knocking on the screen door. I look up and it's Darlene and John and they have glasses in their hands which are obviously filled with mango margaritas. But they have three glasses. :-) So we sit on the verandah and enjoy mango margaritas together. We talk about lots of things including that Abuelo's wouldn't give the recipe for mango margaritas but gave them a general idea of the ingredients and so they were trying to recreate them. For a first attempt, these were incredible. I couldn't think of anything to make them better 'cuz I couldn't imagine them getting any yummier. As we all finish up our drinks, they decide to go make a second batch and see if they can refine it. They invite me, too, and next thing I know, I'm in their kitchen as they perfect the mango margarita and then I'm sitting down to watch the rest of the game on television. The Red Sox may have lost the game but I certainly had a winning afternoon and evening with my neighbors!

First harvest of green beans from Darlene's garden.

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