Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7/1/08 Olympia Snow

Back on February 29, 2008, Bethel unveiled Olympia, the World's Tallest SnowWoman (named for Olympia Snowe, Maine's beloved U.S. senator). As you can see from this photo from USA Today, she was BIG! If Texas had snow, they would build her, but Texas doesn't, so Maine built the biggest snowperson ever (they broke their own record set in 1999).
Today, we went to the site of that amazing accomplishment and even though 5 months have passed and it's now summer (hello! July 1!), there are still remnants of that great snowperson.

Yes, that is actually a big pile of snow. Obviously not as big as the original snowwoman but still a giant pile of snow. Amazing.

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