Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7/1/08 Crestholm Ice Cream in Oxford, ME AND a petting zoo

My dad is the world's greatest ice cream-aholic. You may think it's your dad or maybe you even think it's you, but I'm telling you, it's my dad. In his honor, I'm already planning next year's Ice Cream Tour of Maine. I figure there's no better way to see Maine than to go to as many ice cream shoppes (usually only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day) as I possibly can. I'm going to gather the names of suggested places from students during the school year and then map 'em all out (maybe I'll make a Googlemap) and then GO! But it can't hurt to do some trial runs this year. According to Rodney, this is THE BEST ice cream in the state. It's in Oxford, ME. I must admit, the ice cream was quite delicious. He had the Maine staple: Grape Nut ice cream, I got Maine Tracks which is vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups and a fudge swirl. Yummmmy.

Next to the farm stand (they also sold fresh vegetables and fruit in season and plants) was a petting zoo. Free entertainment while eating delicious ice cream is a tough combination to beat.

I love this sign:

It says: About spitting: Well behaved llamas will not spit at well-behaved humans. Spittting is rude, no matter who does it. Llamas only spit as a last means of communication with their herdmates. By the way, llamas rarely, if ever, bite or kick. Spitting usually of saliva or some food, indicates a) their place at feeding time, b) their displeasure with another llama's behavior, or c) their pregnancy status (Yes I am, mister, so bug off). No llama was ever harmed by spit -- just offended. Please DO NOT spit at, or harass, the llamas. Spitting is rude. unless you are another llama with a specific 'message', your attempt to get these two ladies to spit is useless, rude, and potentially harmful. Spitting spreads germs into their living space. Pleas respect their health, home, and dignity. Well-behaved llamas will not spit at well-behaved humans.

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