Saturday, June 28, 2008

6/28/08 The Sanford Mainers Baseball Team

After our day of touring the coast, we ended up at our destination of Sanford, ME. MRM's parents live here. They had a baked bean supper waiting for us (it is, after all, a Saturday night) and then we all headed out to the Sanford Mainers' baseball game. The Mainers are in the New England Collegiate Baseball League (NECBL). It's like the minor leagues of the minor leagues and it was a blast--in spite of the cold. I actually got the emergency blanket out of the trunk of my car to bring to the game for Rodney 'cuz he was cold during the day, but I ended up being the one who used it at the game. Front row--mom and dad. They have season tickets. They're such loyal fans that dad actually got to throw out the first pitch last week.

Next to dad sat MRM who read a book through most of the game. (Remember, she plays Soduku when watching Red Sox games at the house.)

Next to MRM are her niece and her sister-in-law--the nice folks that included me in their Thanksgiving dinner last year.

On the second row are me (not pictured), Rodney (who takes his baseball very seriously, obviously), RBF, MRM's brother, and her sister-in-law's mom whom I met at Thanksgiving last year, so it was like old home week!

There's a better picture of MRM's brother and his mother-in-law. Behind them you can see the Mainer's mascot, Broose the Moose.

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