Saturday, June 28, 2008

6/28/08 The Celebration Tour -- Day 1

Rodney is moving to Oregon and has a list of places and people he wants to see before he leaves. We're calling it his "Celebration Tour" of Maine (I refuse to let him call it a farewell tour because that would imply he's not coming back). So he's letting me tag along with him whenever our schedules permit. It's so much easier for me to do my "Welcome Tour" of Maine with someone who already knows so many great spots and how to get there.

Today we went to Old Orchard Beach (okay, I was the expert on this one as we ate Pier Fries for the first course in our progressive lunch), then to Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. I had driven through Kennebunk and Kennebunkport on Easter Sunday of 2007 with Grace when she gave me that amazing tour of the coastline, but we didn't stop. Rodney and I drove past Walker Point (which I had also done with Grace) and we're pretty sure by the number of secret service we saw, that the former president must've been home. We had lunch at Federal Jack's. When we told MRM's mom later where we ate, she said it was located in Taint Town . . . right in that area you're not in Kennebunk and you're not in Kennebunkport, so you "tain't in either town". Federal Jack's is affiliated with a bookstore that we went to downstairs. They had a lot of cool stuff, but this was my favorite:

That has nothing to do with Maine but it is just one of the many good laughs we had on the Celebration Tour.

From Kennebunk we drove to Ogunquit. It was very quaint. I took this picture for my friends back in Dallas that have West Highland terrier dogs. It gives you a feel for the quaintness.

This part of the state is overrun with Canadians in the summer. They love coming south to Maine for their vacations. There are plenty of folks who speak French that live in Maine year round, but signs like this are intended for the tourists who speak French.

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