Saturday, June 28, 2008

6/28/08 Lucky Tickets

The citizens of Sanford are way behind this baseball team. They volunteer at the ticket booth, in the gift shop, and in raising money for the scholarship fund. They can't pay these boys for playing on their team, but they can give them college scholarships. It's a win-win situation. Besides the typical 50-50 ticket sales (which you may remember I never heard of until the Farmington Fair, but now I can say it's typical), they sell "Lucky Tickets". Okay, so they're raffle tickets, but they give away so many free goodies during the game from local sponsors that it feels like practically every ticket is a winning ticket. One of the most coveted prizes you can earn with your lucky ticket (besides a free oil change) is the chance to watch the game from these two recliner lounges from the local furniture store. You sit right on top of the visitors' dug out. What a deal!! MRM's dad actually won those seats at the game on Friday night, but all he won on Saturday was the oil change. None of the rest of us won anything. But we all had a great time and the Mainers won their game in spite of the drizzle.

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