Thursday, May 15, 2008

5/15/08 My New Place

Here's the new place. It's furnished, so all I have to bring is clothes, books, and knick-knacks. I hope I haven't acquired too many knick-knacks since going minimalistic when I left Dallas.

This is the front door from the inside of the apartment. I'm standing in the entry way taking this photo:

In the entryway are a desk and open closet (that's the bedroom door inbetween). I brought the book and the basket on my first trip over (and the winter clothes in garment bags). The book is from Joy my choir bookmate back in Dallas and the basket is filled with Easter eggs, each with a personal message from choir members sent to me Easter 2007 when I couldn't be in Dallas to sing with my choir of 23 years. Those items seemed appropriate first items to bring to the new place.

This is the living area. The wood burning fire stove is functional but isn't to be used--insurance costs sky rocket if tenants are playing with fire. ;-)

Bedroom (as viewed from the bedroom door that is off the entryway):

Turn around in the bedroom and there's the closet. This should be the ultimate test of my new minimalist ways. ;-)

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