Thursday, May 15, 2008

5/15/08 First guests

After signing the lease, I went downstairs and put my food in the refrigerator and just started looking around. I had some stuff in the car and I unloaded that. Then Rodney called and asked what I was doing. :-) So he and MRM came over to see the new place. I hadn't been in 20 minutes and already I had company. I love it! They looked around the place, sat on the porch with me (I do love the porch), met the landlords (hmmm, that new tenant is already having folks come over to party), perused the property, and gave it their seal of approval. Then we all went out to Dunkin Donuts for free iced coffee (well, I didn't have any, but I went anyway) and then to Farmington House of Pizza (F-HOP . . . not to be confused with I-HOP) for dinner. What fun!

In this photo you can see the entrance to my apartment and my "covered" porch. The porch goes the entire length of the front of the apartment and above it is Darlene and John's sundeck which shades my porch for me.

Half veggie/half pepperoni pizza from F-HOP.

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