Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3/21/08 Ultimate Frisbee Fund Raiser

A pie-eating contest as a fund raiser--there's an interesting notion. So they arranged for two faculty members to be in the contest and then they sold chances for 4 other slots. People bought tickets for the privilege of maybe being in the contest. OR they bought tickets for the privilege of possibly giving someone else the privilege. Three students and the athletic director (second contestant from the left) won. The athletic director said she didn't buy a single ticket. I think they could make even more money if they allowed people the opportunity to buy a ticket back. So for example, if there were 10 tickets with the athletic director's name on it, she could pay $1 a ticket to take those tickets out of the running. It's just an idea. ;-)



That's my co-teacher Beth in the bandana with "the look" on her face. She was one of the two faculty that agreed ahead of time to participate. I think we can call her "a celebrity contestant".

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