Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3/19/08 Bob Marley at UMF

It's a really bad photo, but it makes the point. I went to the Bob Marley concert at UMF tonight. Bob's a famous comedian who's been on all the late night shows multiple times and has played all the famous comedy clubs. He's famous for his stories about Maine. He's actually FROM Maine and in fact, many people have told me about him and his humor ("You should get his CD, he's really funny" or "If you want to know about Maine, listen to this guy."). But nobody mentioned he was a UMF graduate. Apparently, he was a really good student who majored in Community Health. But he told the chair of the department when he arrived, "I want to get a degree and I want it in Community Health, but my real career aspiration is to be a comedian." He would drive to Boston on a school night, perform in a Boston club, and drive back that night in order to be in class the next day. But it all paid off. He's doing what he loves and he's really good at it. And he comes back to UMF about once a year to do a fund raiser for the Health Club. What a great guy.

So I went to the concert and everyone was right. He's hysterical and if you really want to know Maine, listen to his stories. (Or if you already know Maine, listen to his stories and just laugh a little more than the rest of the audience.) I laughed and laughed and laughed. The event was sold out. This is in the gymnasium, so there are folks filling the bleachers on the side and then the entire gym floor is covered in chairs and there's a little portable stage at one end. As you can see from this photo, it's hard to see him because the stage isn't very tall. But I could see him well enough and the most important thing was to hear him. He's sooo funny.


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