Sunday, March 9, 2008

3/9/08 Snow Status

The yellow building on the right is the garage, the green building in the back is the cabana by the pool. If you look carefully inbetween them, you can see a chain link fence. But you'll only see the top 6-10 inches of the chain link fence because the rest is surrounded by snow! Those aren't drifts from blowing snow or banks from shoveled snow. That's the accumulated snow that's fallen this winter. And that's after we've had a few rainstorms and "winter thaw", so it's not the total accumulation, we've had some melt. It's a L O T of snow.

This looks like a path shoveled to nowhere but at the end of the path is the opening to the heating oil tank in the basement. You're required to keep that path shoveled so the heating oil delivery person can deliver your oil. I guess it's not only required by the heating oil company but pretty much self-mandated if you don't want to freeze your winter away.

It may look like trick photography . . . maybe I was laying down and taking this photo to get an angle that would create the illusion of a lot of snow. But this is no illusion. I am standing in the driveway looking at the front porch. I'm 5'9" and I can barely see over the snow piled on either side of the driveway.


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