Monday, March 10, 2008

3/10/08 and now the river is solid

Yep, there is one very thick river of ice out our walkway now. Most of the sidewalks are like that except where people (or the city or the university) put out a lot of salt. But there's traction! It's all very bumpy and jagged ice (not pointy sharp, just jagged) from where folks like me broke the ice when it still had water underneath and then the broken pieces froze in all different directions. It's pretty interesting. I do think that it's better this way than one smooth ice rink runway.

The sun is out, it's a balmy 32. And they're predicting another 1-3 inches (a mere dusting) of snow Tuesday tonight.

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Lindsay said...

Wow! Your view of snow has changed so much since you moved up there!